Scientists have identified the mother’s personality trait that improves the child’s mental abilities


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Academics from the UK conducted an experiment in which they succeeded in establishing the personality trait of the mother, which improves the mental abilities of the child.

As it turned out, mothers who are trying to take control of their lives are raising more intelligent children.

From the point of view of psychology, this phenomenon is called an internal locus of control, when an individual does not blame other people for his failures, but believes in the possibility of choice, which has its consequences.

For example, such mothers have a greater tendency to teach their children to eat right, to read fairy tales, and also to stimulate interest in cognitive activity.

According to experts, the parent may well change their own worldview.

It is enough to be sensitive, try to see the connection between the actions and the state of their children – this will help improve the educational skills that have a positive effect on all aspects of the lives of their children.

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