Scientists have identified three genes, because of which children develop heart disease


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According to statistics, 1% of all babies born to the world have congenital heart defects.

As a rule, they are incurable and significantly shorten the life expectancy.

Some scientists hypothesized that congenital heart defects are associated with genetics.

In order to confirm the assumptions, doctors examined families in which several children were born with a heart defect.

Scientific experiments and thorough research of the problem have borne fruit. Scientists have discovered three genetic mutations that cause heart defects. According to the obtained results, the scientists came to the conclusion that in order for a child to be born with a heart defect, the father should have two mutated MKL2 and KMYH7, and the mother NKX2-5.

In other words, the disease is possible only with this combination.

Inheritance of all three mutated genes and causes the development of congenital heart defects.
This study has made a huge contribution to the study, and most importantly, the treatment of the disease.
We are talking about the CRISPR program, with the help of which it is possible to correct gene mutations in utero, and thus save the lives and health of millions of children in different countries of the world.

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