Scientists have learned about the inheritance of dependence on social networks


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Psychologists at King’s College in London argue that dependence on social networks and video games can be transmitted at the genetic level from parents to children.

Such conclusions were announced on the basis of a survey of more than 8,500 volunteers, including identical twins.

It is noticed that in 39% of cases heredity generates the emergence of dependence on video games and social networks.

According to the researchers, humans are adapting the online use of genes based on their own unique genetic predisposition.

In the course of evolution at the genetic level, a postulate was developed that a person is not just a passive recipient of the environment, but an active participant in choosing situations for his own experience. However, this choice is “consistent” with its genetic predisposition.

Thus, for the first time, the relationship between genes and the irrepressible desire to sit on the Internet was revealed.

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