Scientists have linked the fidgeting of children with a reduced risk of obesity


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Researchers at the University of Strathclyde argue that the so-called fidgeting of babies, which manifests itself when various postures change, reduces the risk of developing obesity in the long term.

According to experts, such movements help the child lose up to 3 kilograms per year.

More than 40 children took part in the scientific work, who took turns spending a little more than an hour in the observation room.

Scientists tried to fix any movement of the baby, even the smallest.

As a result, it turned out that fidgeting had a positive effect on the energy consumption of children, especially those whose age ranged from four to five years.

Academics are sure that the mobility of children is beneficial to them, especially since it prevents the risk of obesity.

By the way, the best result in calories burned was observed in children who were busy with active games, and the smallest – when they watched TV, according to Actual News.

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