Scientists have proven that children's toys are more dangerous than adults


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Researchers from Sweden found that children's toys are much more dangerous than toys intended for adults.

So, after studying toys on the content of hazardous chemicals, it was found that sex toys are less dangerous compared to children.

The chemical composition of 112 tested children's toys showed that 12 of them exceeded the content of lead, phthalates, solvents and other equally dangerous substances.

At the same time, in the toys for intimate pleasures, out of 44 samples, only one found an excess of the permissible norms for the content of harmful substances.

Of course, the results were shocking to scientists, since according to local legislation, the use of hazardous chemicals is prohibited in the manufacture of children's toys. Thus, the substances found have a negative effect on the child’s endocrine system, as well as increase the risk of developing cancer, heart disease and obesity in the future.

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