Scientists have proven that dinosaur kids are geniuses


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Have you ever seen a child with a dinosaur toy in their hands?

As a rule, these are quite rare. Scientists have noticed that there is a percentage of children who are not interested in ordinary toys, and their main passion is prehistoric lizards. The next step is, of course, the study of unusual children.

Psychologists decided to find out how this type of passion affects the child’s intelligence.

It turned out that it:

improves attention;
integrated thinking;
information processing.

Psychologists also believe that dinosaur study tactics help children adapt to new situations and solve problems in adulthood.

The phenomenon when a child is passionate about something is called “intense interest” in psychology or, in other words, obsession. By the way, it can be focused not only on dinosaurs, but also space, animals and much more.

Studies show that in many cases a child loses interest when he starts school. Most likely this is due to the fact that he just becomes a lot less free time.

There are other signs that indicate the presence of high intelligence.

Smart mom

As a rule, the chances of inheriting the mind from the mother are much higher than from the father. This fact was confirmed by studies of several groups of scientists.

Father's involvement in education

This fact greatly affects the development of the child. This concerns not only intelligence, but also general development.

You learned to read early

It has long been known that reading books develops and increases the level of intelligence. It helps to become more erudite, and also improves verbal and non-verbal abilities.

Do you like staying up late

During the study, it was found that owls have a more developed intellect and retain concentration for longer.

Mess on the table

Research has proven that people with clutter on the table are much more creative and able to come up with innovative ideas. A good example is Albert Einstein, who was famous for his grandiose mess.

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