Scientists have refuted one of the biggest misconceptions of human pregnancy.


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The uterus has its own microbe DNA. It turns out that the statement that the uterus is a sterile environment in which the embryo grows is erroneous.

This theory was confirmed by researchers from the University of Western Australia, who conducted several experiments that allowed to refute one of the greatest misconceptions regarding pregnancy.

Academics managed to isolate bacteria from amniotic fluid and meconium – the feces of a newborn.

Moreover, 43 pregnant women took part in the study, about 50 samples were taken for the study.

They all had the appearance of bacteria, called Pelomonas puraquae.

As a result, the researchers concluded that bacterial DNA is present in the uterus, but the question is whether they are alive or not.

If so, then it turns out that microbes are responsible for shaping a person’s life from the very first moments of conception.

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