Scientists: Human self-esteem begins to take shape at the age of five


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Beginning with the age of 5 in children, self-esteem begins to form. Moreover, the conceit that has developed in childhood remains almost unchanged until the end of life.

In this regard, the social way of thinking of a child, already being in school, cannot form a teacher.

For these purposes, scientists have developed a test to determine the self-esteem of children at the age of five. In total, 200 small children were examined. All of them were asked to establish a link between the words "I" and "pleasant" and "unpleasant." The test was adapted for children who cannot read.

It is shown that children can already determine to some extent their actions, and this indicates that they have already begun to form self-esteem, which remains for the rest of their lives.

At the same time, a number of psychologists say that at such a young age it is too early to talk about how the child will treat himself in the future. It is noted that children do not have a clear understanding, their character is not fully formed. At the same time, children can evaluate their work and skills by saying that they draw well or know all the letters.



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