Scientists: iron in pregnancy without anemia can affect childbirth outcome


Scientists iron in pregnancy without anemia can affect childbirth outcome


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Researchers from India and America learned that pregnant women taking high doses of iron can cause severe oxidative stress, affecting the outcome of labor.

Academics conducted an experiment that analyzed markers of oxidative stress in samples of maternal and umbilical cord blood and correlation with the baby’s body mass at birth.

The study involved 100 pregnant women who live in South India.

As a result, it turned out that future mothers who suffered from anemia, gained tremendously from adding iron to the diet.

True, women who had a high or normal level of this substance had higher levels of oxidative stress in the first trimester, for this reason were in danger from the influence of Fe.

In addition, it became known that such girls gave birth to children with a very low gestational age, and the newborns also had a rather low weight.

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