Scientists: living near green spaces improves adolescent mental health


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Living near greenery can at times improve the mental health of adolescent children.

Similar conclusions were made by academics from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research.

Researchers used data from sociological surveys in California for the period from 2011 to 2014 in conjunction with data obtained from a satellite map showing vegetation density.

As a result, they learned that in the case when the level of "vegetation" within 350 meters from the house is in the top 25 percentiles, the child living in this zone is 36% less likely to experience serious psychological deviations than those where the number of green spaces reaches bottom of the 25th percentile.

In addition, experiments have shown that adults who are 65 years old and older, as well as green, are subject to lower rates of serious psychological ailments.

According to experts, city and district planners are obliged to know: a large number of trees and park areas are able to maintain the health of children and people in age.

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