Scientists: pediatric meningitis increases the risk of crime in adulthood




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Academics after the experiment found out that children's meningitis, as well as other infections of the central nervous system, significantly increase the risk of crimes for patients in adult life by about 20%.

Swedish researchers are still referring to such dangerous ailments as herpes and encephalitis.

More than 2.2 million volunteers participated in the experiment. Academics said that such infections are extremely dangerous in the first year of a baby’s life.

Because these diseases can activate the immune system, which causes inflammation as a defense against viruses or bacteria.

These foci affect the development of the brain of the child, namely the areas that are responsible for cruel and aggressive behavior. Therefore, in adult life, such patients may commit unexplained acts, including crimes.

It is noted that infections transferred to a baby at an early stage of life also affect cognitive functions, for example, they can trigger the development of deafness or blindness, as well as various mental disorders.

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