Scientists: pocket money harms the psyche of children under 5


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Every new parent always has a question in the future: when should children give pocket money? American scientists know the answer to this question.

On the basis of the experiments conducted, it was established that it is worth starting money into the world from the age of 5. It is at this time that you need to tell your fumes why they are needed and how they are earned.

On the contrary, if you start to pamper children with money from an earlier age, then in the future a child may grow into an egoist.

Of course, other factors, such as an excess or lack of finances in the family, may also affect the character of the child. Early acquaintance with real money can develop greed in a child and make it less altruistic.

Such conclusions were obtained after 20 years, during which scientists observed how children grow up, in different years of their lives, who learned about money. Almost all people who very early received pocket money had the opportunity to spend more, realizing the value of money, grew greedy.



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