Scientists: Scientists: children with autism succeed in preschool institutions


Scientists Scientists children with autism succeed in preschool institutions


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Researchers at the University of La Trobe in Melbourne said that autistic children begin to learn the world and learn many skills at a young age.

Scientists conducted an experiment with two groups. In one children are autistic, and the second group is mixed. So, children who suffer from this disease, learn communication skills, vocal, verbal possibilities and imitations at a young age.

It should be clarified that the experiment was carried out on babies who were about 1 to 3 years old. They achieved excellent learning results with the best specialists. Based on this experience, psychologists have proven that special children succeed in preschool institutions. Experts found that the quality of teaching children with autism is higher in general gaming rooms than in specialized ones.

This proves that children who suffer from this disease can safely go to school and study on a par with all children.

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