Scientists talked about the risk of becoming asthmatics for children born during the flowering period of plants




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The effect of high concentrations of pollen on women in late pregnancy increases the risk of asthma in the child. This conclusion was made by Swedish scientists.

Previously, experts reported that during the flowering of plants increases the risk of allergies in children who are born during this period. At the same time, it is noted that despite the fact that the plants bloom annually, the concentration of pollen varies significantly in different years. During the regular research, Umea University experts came close to analyzing the relationship between the level of pollen and the state of children. Scientists analyzed 110 thousand pregnancies recorded in the swedish capital.

As a result, it turned out that if a high concentration of pollen falls on the last 12 weeks of pregnancy, then in the first year of the birth of a child born at this time, the risk of going to hospital with asthma symptoms significantly increases.

There are several reasons for this pattern. So, according to scientists, this risk of becoming an asthmatic for a child increases if his mother was allergic to pollen during pregnancy. In addition, complications from an acute reaction to pollen can provoke premature labor. And this in itself increases the risk of respiratory diseases in the child.



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