Scientists: teenage hobby for social networks leads to poor sleep


Scientists teenage hobby for social networks leads to poor sleep


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British academics conducted an experiment that proved that adolescent social hobbies lead to poor sleep. The study was conducted by staff at the University of Glasgow.

The study was based on information on the behavior of 11,872 adolescents aged 13–15 years. Researchers analyzed information about the quality of sleep, wakefulness, time to sleep and the frequency of nighttime awakenings.

After that, the obtained data were compared with the amount of time that adolescents spend on social networks. It turned out that children who gave to Internet communication from 3 to 5 hours a day, fell asleep later than 23:00 by 17% more often than those who gave communication in the network less than 3 hours.

Also, children who entered social networks for 5 hours or more fell asleep much later. According to scientists, they managed to find out that social networks lead to the deterioration of sleep in adolescents.

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