Scientists: village children were less susceptible to disease




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Researchers told that children who spent their childhood in the village are less susceptible to diseases and allergies.

Experts explain this phenomenon by the fact that the environment filled with viruses and bacteria is a wonderful training for immunity.

This hypothesis was confirmed by an experiment that was held at the base of the Children's Hospital Hoyter in Munich.

It is noted that the village children consume milk that has not been heat treated and constantly in contact with cows and hay.

As it turned out, some volatile substances are produced in the stomach of large cattle, which can alleviate the inflammatory processes in the airways caused by allergies.

Inhaling harmful substances, country children become less susceptible to various diseases and bacteria.

Studies have once again proved that in rural adolescents there is an increased level of substances harmful to the body, such as endotoxins CD14 and TLR4.

By the way, it is noted that previous experiments have shown that children from large families, as well as those who have pets, are less susceptible to seasonal allergies.

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