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What sign pictures funny of pictures do you like? What kind of pictures do you like? Funny Office and Desk Signs Warnings, nameplates, and notices make up this growing collection of 60 funny office, workplace, desk and business signs. Rate, comment on, or submit your favorite funny sign pictures.

Use The Other Door, The Goose Will Attack! Funny Church Signs A growing collection of 36 funny church signs, messages and sayings. Rate, comment on, or submit your favorite funny sign pictures. 40 Weird pictures that missed you as much as you missed them.

When Galleries Have Been Gone Forever BUT THEY’RE FINALLY BACK! So what if the view counters and comments are still a work in progress — we’ve got galleries back! How Close Would You Get To A Cheetah? Are Dogs Part Otter Or Are Otters Part Dog?

How Many People Will Randomly Play Hopscotch On The Street? Who Knew The Billy Bass Fish Could Do Anything Besides Sing? I think the word the’re looking for is Aquarium. A local business put this sign up for Valentines Day.

Buying those googly eyes was the best idea in a while. I left my dad alone in the Samsung store for 5 minutes. I have a bad feeling I won’t be seeing my jacket again. My dad noticed a typo in the local newspaper. Will and Guy’s Funny Traffic Signs A collection of pictures taken from English, French and American funny road signs. Secret Bunker – Not any more! I have even had a Burger King.

And when I was in America I often pulled over at Wendy’s, but I never did see this franchise: Diesel Fried Chicken. Do you know if the meat is extra greasy? The above Diesel Fried Chicken wins my award for the funniest road sign, however if you have a better example, then send it in and we will publish it. A professor in chemical engineering at West Virginia University has found a way to run a diesel engine on chicken manure. Now you don’t just shovel it into the tank, you have to turn it into a liquid first, then mix it with about two-thirds diesel fuel. Ever the entrepreneur, this is what he opened around the corner from the Diesel Fried Chicken.

I thought we British were good at intelligence! Perhaps this is all a fiendish plot designed in the secret bunker to confuse the enemy? Should I laugh at all those one way signs – or cry? These ‘mixed signals’ are at Telegraph Road and 9 Mile Road, in the city of Southfield, Michigan, USA. Kindly sent in by Diana C. Show me the way to go home! Could This Be the End of the Line?