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A clever child is a musical child. You want to make a discovery, invent a new ipad, make music from the cradle.

It has long been observed that graduates of Chinese schools are more competitive in the global market. They belong to the latest "electronic" discoveries that have already covered the whole world.

The secret of the success of Chinese children, according to scientists, is simple: in parallel with the teaching of various subjects, they all engage in music.

In China, every child must learn to play one musical instrument. Of course, not everyone becomes a musician, and this is certainly not the goal. Music education develops the ability to see, hear, feel, which means that children who learn the basics of music from the cradle will be creative and easily adaptable in life.

The fact is that school subjects develop the left hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for logic. If the child is engaged in music, then he develops harmoniously both hemispheres – both emotional and logical. Therefore, he will approach any situation creatively and make informed decisions.

The recipe for success is well known: let's go to a music school.



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