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Please forward this error screen to 43. And you won’t stop either when you read this TRCA nominated title! Students from Parrsboro Regional Elementary participated with many students SPO pre-school education staff donning sports jerseys. Hants East’s 5th Shave for the Brave was another success!

At the Chignecto-Central Regional Centre for Education, we know the only way to address bullying in all its forms is to start talking about it. That’s why we annually host Stand Up. Our region-wide day of action promoting social justice, anti-bullying and positive, healthy relationships. At the 2012 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was asked his advice to college students and graduates who want to break into the sports industry.

Cuban cited factors such as ridiculously low pay and saturation of the market among other reasons why graduates should not seek entry level positions in sports. While his response seemed like a candid remark that came off as a joke, there definitely was truth to his words. I laughed when I first read the story of Cuban’s response. I thought, well of course, it is easy for a billionaire and owner of a sports franchise to say that. What about the students who are passionate about sports? And the die-hard fans that just want to get into the game?

I was one of those students. I was doing everything possible trying to crack into a baseball front office. A month after the 2012 Sports Analytics Conference, I received an offer to join the LA Angels. I would spend one full season, offseason, and spring training with the Angels before deciding that it was best to leave the position. Before I begin, here are a couple important items to understand before beginning your search for a job in a front office. It takes just a couple months on the job before you realize that it’s just a job and you can no longer be a real fan of the game anymore.