Spring holiday for children of early age

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This article needs additional citations for verification. Spring break spring holiday for children of early age a vacation period in early Spring at universities and schools which started during the 1930s in the United States and is observed in some other mainly Western countries.

As a holiday it is variously known as Easter vacation, Easter holiday, April break, Spring vacation, mid-term break, study week, reading week, reading period, or Easter week, depending on regional conventions. Spring break is an academic tradition in various mostly western countries that is scheduled for different periods depending on the state and sometimes the region. In Japan, the Spring break starts with the end of the academic year in March and ends on April 1 with the beginning of a new academic year. In Kuwait, the Spring break is between the two academic or school semesters, usually in December or January, but could last until early February. It is usually a 2 or 3-week break, however, there is no fixed date for it, as the date is adjusted in accordance with the Lunar or Hijri calendar, as it is the case for almost all Arab and Muslim nations. In the Czech Republic, only primary and secondary school students have a Spring break.

The counties are divided into six groups, each group containing counties evenly distributed across the country. Before 2017, the Spring break in Georgia was typically an Easter holiday, lasting from Thursday to Tuesday in the Holy Week. In Germany, universities typically schedule a semester break of five to eight weeks around March. May or early June are also considered a Spring break. In Greece, Spring break takes place during the Holy Week and the one after it. Primary school students have another week of holidays after Easter.

In Portugal, Spring break is mostly known as “Easter Holidays” and it gives two weeks to all students around the country. Before 1917 there was an Easter Break in schools. In the Soviet Union, Spring break was always from 24 to 31 of March. Now, many schools in Russia still have the Spring break, but the exact date is decided by the school itself. In the majority of cases it is set in the middle of April.