Study: HIV infection is not transmitted to children with timely fertilization.


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Researchers at the University of California at San Francisco conducted an experiment that showed that timely vaginal fertilization can be a safe and effective method for producing completely healthy babies in women with HIV.

At the moment, doctors advise future mothers with a HIV-positive status not to have children, because the risk of transmission to their children is very high.

According to the authors of the research, the new results describe a feasible, safe and effective way for women with this disease.

Also, statistics showed that among the 23 couples in which the woman was HIV-positive and the man was not, there were 6 births where the child was healthy.

During the study, couples were observed for 2 months before fertilization with the course of treatment for the disease.

The fertilization attempts themselves were carried out over 6 menstrual cycles, which ultimately could prove the success of the method without passing HIV to the baby.

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