Study: single teens are as socially active as their peers in a pair




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Researchers argue that students and schoolchildren who do not enter into a romantic relationship are not at all inferior to peers in social skills.

In the course of scientific work, 594 students from 10 classes were interviewed.

After that, the academicians compared and analyzed the results.

As a result, the data obtained completely refuted the widespread belief that people who are not in a relationship with the opposite sex suffer from social problems.

Moreover, they were distinguished by good social skills, as well as a low level of depressive states.

Academicians are convinced that in schools that promote health, certain social norms that promote the healthy development of adolescents should be popularized.

In addition, experts advise school psychologists to explain to children that they don’t need to hurry with relationships, but to develop their own identity, on the contrary, is even useful.

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