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What tales to read to children


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What tales to tell or read to your child? Children's departments of bookstores are overwhelmed with them.

Of course, parents will take into account the age and nature of the child. But with all the differences of children, …

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We do lessons with the child


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The youngest student still needs help getting used to such activities. He really needs help with his homework. Thus, you can fill in the gaps that are inevitable in school, where an individual approach is not always real. …

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Strengthen baby's health


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Every parent knows that the baby’s good health is an excellent foundation for its development.

As soon as mom or dad notice that the baby starts to behave differently than usual, they beat all the bells, trying to …

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How to take a child in transport


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Often parents are forced to abandon the trip to the store, bank or clinic, because their child begins to be capricious there. But there are situations when it is impossible to give up something, and there is no …

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Double load


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One child is hard. Two is very difficult. Double load can knock out and make every second mom give up. It is important to learn to cope.

The first thing we do is allocate responsibilities. Husband is also …