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When a child starts to criticize


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Basically, parents are accustomed to the fact that they criticize their child, point out to him his mistakes and shortcomings, lecture him. But this does not occur mutually only until a certain moment. At a certain period (for …

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Timid child


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Any person in his life experienced a shy attack more than once, could not do something or say what he wanted. And this is a completely natural and normal state, if it manifests itself only very rarely. But …

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A gift to joy


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Every parent, at least roughly knows what you can give to your child. This is not so difficult, as he knows that he loves and knows his needs. But what to do if you or your child were …

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Authorities for the child


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Any parent wants his number one authority in the eyes of his child. With the conquest of this authority, problems usually do not arise, but with its retention in the process of growing up a child, problems may …

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Children's holiday


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Of course, parents can organize a holiday for their child on their own. But will they be able to do everything really well and will they not get tired of entertaining the crowd of kids all day and …

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How to calm the child?


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As a rule, children are very impressionable and react too emotionally to any situation. This is often manifested in inadequate behavior in society, instant excitability, shouts, panic. And what is the most difficult, to reassure such a child …

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Children's Corner


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Not every person has a big apartment. Many have to huddle in a one-room. But even in a limited space one should not forget about children. For them, under any conditions, it is necessary to allocate a small …