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Aspirin prevents miscarriage


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Unfortunately, for many mothers carrying a child becomes the main problem.

In the case of miscarriages, doctors only shrug and cannot definitely say what exactly happened, what is the reason.

Scientists say that helping a woman carry and …

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What do children value most in mom?


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Scientists have wondered what teenagers value the most in relationships with their mothers.

To answer this question, work was carried out, approved by the National Council for Economic and Social Research.

The result of the survey showed that …

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Postpartum depression


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The long-awaited birth of a child is a significant event in the life of a woman, which brings not only happiness, but also problems, one of which is postpartum depression. The problem arises from the fact that there …

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Working mothers often have obese children.


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In the past few decades, childhood obesity has been steadily increasing. Danish researchers note that children of working mothers often weigh more than standard indicators for their age.

There is strong evidence that these two trends are interrelated, …