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How to set up a student for the school year: pediatrician tips


<p></p> <p> 08/30/2019</p> <p>[email protected]</p> <p>For a child, school is a serious test and stress for the body, especially after a long summer vacation.</p> <p>The pediatrician made a list of recommendations for parents:</p> <p><img itemprop="url" typeof="foaf:Image" src="http://kidsrockacademy.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/8_compressed.jpg"

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Pediatrician told what spices you can eat for children


<p></p> <p> 07.22.2019</p> <p>[email protected]</p> <p>It is always difficult for parents to determine which products can be given to children and which should not.</p> <p>Contrary to popular belief, children can eat spices, and some of them

Pediatrician explained why quothomequot children are sick

Pediatrician explained why "home" children are sick


<p></p> <p> depositphotos.com</p> <p>“Many parents, with a stern expression, ask me at the reception, how is it that a child who does not go to kindergarten and almost does not appear on

Frank photo session of a pediatrician caused a scandal in

Frank photo session of a pediatrician caused a scandal in social networks


<p></p> <p>Pediatrician Anastasia Orlova from the city of Kineshma, Ivanovo Region, was convicted of candid photos in underwear, which photo artist Elena Schegoleva published in Instagram on Instagram.</p> <p lang="ru" dir="ltr">Pediatrician doctor