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Child responsibility


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Responsibility is a very important element in the development of the child as a whole. It mainly depends on him whether the child in the future will become a happy and successful adult, able to bear responsibility for …

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Children's shyness


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First you need to find out if your child is really shy. It is possible that he just loves privacy, is self-sufficient and does not like noisy companies. In this case, it does not bring him any discomfort. …

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Whims of children during illness


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Unfortunately, all children fall ill sooner or later. And during the period of illness, due to the fact that their health worsens, children become more capricious than usual. And here the question is brewing, how to properly respond …

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The value of time for children


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It is not a rare case to meet a person who never has time for anything and who constantly lack time. Everyone definitely has such an acquaintance, and maybe he himself suffers from something similar. This quality is …

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What tales to read to children


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What tales to tell or read to your child? Children's departments of bookstores are overwhelmed with them.

Of course, parents will take into account the age and nature of the child. But with all the differences of children, …

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Children's language camps


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The most important thing in teaching children foreign languages ​​is to make these classes interesting for them. Only in this case, the child will be able to really freely master a foreign language, and not through force to …

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Creative education


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Almost every parent wants to cultivate a creative person in a child, discover his talent. Speaking about a creative person, we basically mean a person with a non-standard mindset, rich imagination and keen intuition, thanks to which he …

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Learn poetry with your child


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Many children have trouble learning poems by heart. And if the child flatly refuses to even try, it will be very difficult to convince him.

The reasons, in order not to teach, the child will always find a …

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Child development and training


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There are many undeniable facts about the influence of even insignificant at first glance things on the development of a child. Let us give an example of some of them.

Often parents are faced with such a problem …