Teaching at home preschool

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Preschool Zoo Theme Preschool zoo theme is an appropriate theme to introduce to the children about zoo. The children usually teaching at home preschool fascinated by the zoo and the animal live there. And this is a great way to develop an appreciation and respect for animal life too !

What are the concepts for the children ? Mention zoo animal such as : zebra, elephant, camel. A zoo is a place for animals. Zoo animals are kept in cages, fences or water. A person who feeds and takes care of the zoo animal is a zoo keeper. Zoo animal needs food, water and shelter.

Ask children to draw and color the other half. Set out many blocks, rubber and plastic model of zoo animal. Let the student build a zoo. Set a zoo in the dramatic center by collecting large appliance boxes. Let the children pretending to be animal in the zoo.

Using cardboard cut 25 cm diameter of circle. Writes names of the zoo animal each section. Provide eight clothespins, paste the related animal zoo picture on the clothespin. Have children match the appropriate clothespin to the names on the wheel.