Teaching english as a foreign language games

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CELTA is now eligible for funding under the Teaching english as a foreign language games Learner Loans scheme. Staff at Navitas, a global education provider, talk about how they value CELTA.

Want to study CELTA in the UK? Get more information about CELTA and find your nearest centre. The essential TEFL qualification that’s trusted by employers, language schools and governments around the world. Employers around the world ask for CELTA.

CELTA is great for recent graduates, people who are changing career, or teachers who want to gain a formal qualification and may want to progress to qualifications such as Delta. ESL teaching contexts around the world. Choose from over 300 centres in 70 countries. Get expert training and feedback on your teaching. The 120-hour course builds a strong foundation in English language teaching. Regulated by Ofqual at level 5 on the Qualifications and Credit Framework and given premium product endorsement by NEAS in Australia. It changed my job prospects overnight and changed the way employers viewed me.

It’s amazing how valuable five letters can be. Find a centre and register for your CELTA course now. Other visitors should skip this link. When you repeat, try using other people’s names, too.