Teaching materials for children

My turn to weigh in on National Poetry Month. I’m fascinated with this way of storytelling, and have been trying to write one myself for longer than I care to reveal. Maybe it was the dismal poetry I was “exposed” to in school. Two weeks of Longfellowwe ALWAYS had two weeks teaching materials for children Longfellow.

You spend two weeks reading Evangeline and see if you don’t want to pull your hair out. You gotta love a guy whose poems had titles like “Auto Wreck” and “Manhole Covers. Nary a daffodil, meadowlark or fluffy cloud wafted through his poems. Mostly, I learned to slink down in my seat whenever we had a “poetry unit.

So why am I hooked on novels in verse? Certainly not because they are easy to write. The book may be 300 pages, but with this style of writing and page lay out, the actual word count is ridiculously low. As with picture books, every word must count. The writing is vivid, tight, and packs an emotional punch with the fewest words possible. It is an easy read for the student, without the student being aware of how easy it is.

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