The baby refused to drink breast milk and saved his mother's life


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A 37-year-old British woman from the city of Liverpool, a one-year-old child, saved her life.

The fact is that the baby flatly refused to use milk from the right breast of the woman, while the left one didn’t cause him concern.

Then Joan Carr decided to sign up for a medical examination. The specialists diagnosed cancer in the patient, which was just located in the right breast of the woman.

Mom of two children underwent a full course of treatment and now her health is no longer threatened with oncology. Joan was removed a tumor measuring 2 centimeters, which was located near the nipple.

This fact, according to the woman, prevented the child from eating, which made it possible to diagnose a terrible disease in time. Mother is sure that if it were not for the baby’s deed, she would no longer be alive.

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