The boy found in the forest park will be given to the shelter


The boy found in the forest park will be given

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After discharge from the hospital, the boy will be sent to a shelter. He will stay there until the end of the preliminary investigation, that is, until April 20, sources close to the investigation report.

Relatives of the boy were denied registration of custody of the child, since they are witnesses in the case of his mother. Earlier, the guardianship authorities agreed to hand the child over to the grandmother, but the investigators succeeded in canceling this decision.

The boy’s mother was arrested until April 18 on charges of attempted murder of her son. In February, her son spent the night in the forest. In the morning, the woman went to the police and said that the boy had run away from her. Soon the child was found by car owners driving through the forest. They said that on the head of the child was a bag tied with tape.

Source: Orthodoxy and Peace

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