The child often wakes up at night: the reasons and what to do


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Not easy to have young mothers, the child resembles a small alien. It is completely incomprehensible why the last time he calmed down at the chest, but now he only cries and bends harder, turning his wrinkled, reddened face away from the food source.

Why yesterday, he slept sweetly during the day for two hours in a row, and today he slept 15 minutes and suddenly opened his eyes wide and burst into sorrowful weeping?

Mom starts to get nervous, worry, does not know how to help the baby, and the vicious circle closes, only gaining momentum.

Causes of poor baby sleep

And everything is not so difficult and scary, you just need to exhale, mentally count to ten for complacency and calmly figure out why the child does not sleep well during the day.

There can be several reasons:

• The baby is not fed up properly and cannot go into a quiet deep sleep.

• The child is tormented by intestinal colic.

• Uncomfortable clothes, folds, excessive moisture prevent the child from sleeping.

• The most common cause: infants and children up to a year, and sometimes older, do not know how to “step over” the sleep phase. If an adult person does not wake up and does not notice the transition between the fast and slow phases of sleep, then the little man sometimes stumbles on this threshold and wakes up, and since he didn’t finish his norm, of course, he will be capricious and cry.

How to help your baby and teach him to sleep without waking up? Here, unfortunately, there is no single and common recipe for everyone. All children are individualities, and for each child you need to pick up your key. Only through trial and error can you find the right approach.

Ways to solve the problem of frequent spills

• You can try to go to bed with the baby and give him a breast, bottle or nipple at the moment of waking up, this will calm him, and the baby will immediately slip back to sleep. But it is a long and energy-intensive way for a young mother.

• You can try to put the child in a stroller or in a crib with a curved bed for baby motion, so that at the time of waking up a little pump up and help you fall asleep.

• You can also take the baby on the handles and pump up it until it falls asleep more tightly, and then shift it to the crib.

• Some consultants for child sleep advise to watch the child and detect the time after which he usually wakes up, and wake him up a little bit a minute before this critical moment, and then rock him again, then the sleep will be deep and long. But this method can be scary to decide.

The most important recommendations for those wondering why the child does not sleep well will be the following:

1. Strictly adhere to the daily regimen (sleep, walk, feeding).

2. Do not be nervous and do not worry about the most poor child's sleep. If necessary, and on prescription, you can even drink light tranquilizers. The child is very sensitive to the mother, and the calmer and more harmonious the mother, the more balanced and more cheerful the baby.

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