The development of boys twins

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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-1071804029. Scientists searching for the root of human sexuality studied identical twins, one of them straight and the other a lesbian, the development of boys twins grew up in the same environment. Sarah Nunn and Rosie Ablewhite, 29, present a mystery for researchers looking to identify genetic and environmental interactions that form sexuality because Sarah is attracted to men while Rosie is attracted to women. The origins of their differing sexual identities were studied in an effort to find out when and how sexuality develops in childhood.

Sarah remembers how Rosie’s tomboy tendencies provided an insight when they were growing up, telling The Times her boyfriends ‘instantly felt more at home’ with her sister. She liked football, talked about boy things, played video games,’ she said. They’d be like, “Sarah, you’re really boring. I’m going to go and play with Rosie. I’d get jealous that they liked her better. But Sarah soon realised that her sister just wasn’t as interested as her in the company of boys.

When they tried to get romantic with Rosie she’d say, “That’s not me. Then they came back,’ she explained. Now they and 55 other twin pairs are at the centre of a study by University of Essex researchers. In the past, scientists have searched for signs of how sexuality manifests before puberty, such as gender-atypical mannerisms of behaviour. But it is difficult to determine whether reported behaviourial patterns have been remembered accurately. Gerulf Rieger and his colleague Tuesday Watts circumvented this problem by using photographs in their study for the Developmental Psychology journal. They asked Sarah, Rosie and other twins with ‘discordant sexual orientations’ to send them childhood snaps, before showing them to people who did not know the purpose of their experiment.