The education of children with ASD

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Please forward this error screen the education of children with ASD 69. Kathy Howery is back with another helpful post an AAC research.

Kathy is based in Alberta, Canada, and has worked in the field of AT and special education for over three decades. In this article, she discusses research on AAC interventions. Longitudinal Effects of Adaptive Interventions with a Speech-Generating Device in Minimally Verbal Children with ASD. ASD who do not make significant progress in spoken communication, despite sometimes lengthy access to traditional interventions, have often been overlooked or perhaps of more concern excluded from research studies that aim to develop or evaluate interventions. Happily, the focus of this research addresses interventions that focus on broader purposes than merely requesting or responding and on both linguistic and nonlinguistic communicative behaviors. The data was obtained from 61 minimally verbal children ages 5 to 8 with ASD who participated in a previous study undertaken by Kasari, et. As this research focuses primarily on the valued added to evidence based naturalistic communication focused interventions by the addition of an SGD it is important to understand what the intervention entailed.

The device was always available during sessions for these children. Devices were not provided for use at home. The Almirall et al study looked at research outcomes collected at baseline, 12 weeks, 24 weeks and 36 weeks that had been collected during the primary study. They looked at five longitudinal outcome measures. The greater the AUC the better the effect of the intervention.

That is these two areas showed the most positive results in the research. Indicating that provision of SGDs had significant positive impacts on outcomes. Providing an SGD during stage 1 produced the greatest chance in both TSCU and IJA. For TSCU the introduction of an SGD at stage 2 seemed to make little difference from the intervention. Indicating that providing the SGD from the beginning was what made the difference in the children’s increased spontaneous communicative utterances. The trends were somewhat different the social outcome IJA. Introducing the SGD initially had the greatest effect and introducing the SGD at stage two had a greater impact than intensifying .