The first hours. Scientists have explained what helps babies distinguish day from night




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Psychological experts from America explained how breast milk affects a baby in its first year of life.

As it turned out, it contains a certain component that helps newborns recognize day and night.

Surprisingly, the composition of breast milk changes throughout the day, giving morning milk a different mixture of elements than a soothing evening milk.

For example, cortisol, which is responsible for vitality, not only for stress, has an increased level in morning milk, and very low in the evening.

But melatonin is found more in the evening, it also contributes to normal digestion.

Experts note that in daily milk contains many amino acids, which are responsible for the increased activity of the baby.

Based on the results obtained, academics concluded: infants who drink the “wrong” milk, usually various mixtures, may get problems with sleep, digestion and development.

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