The girl swallowed 18 magnetic beads


The girl swallowed 18 magnetic beads

In China, doctors removed a bracelet made of magnetic beads from a 2-year-old girl's stomach. The video with footage from the hospital drew the attention of the Daily Mail edition.

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A child from the autonomous region of Inner Mongolia swallowed 18 beads one by one on Thursday, March 14, in front of his mother's eyes. At first, the woman thought that her daughter was hiding them in her mouth, and as soon as she realized what was happening, she tried to get the beads on her own. She did not succeed, and the Chinese woman went to the hospital.

Dr. Li Ruifeng noted that on arrival the girl did not complain of pain, and she was not sick. The child was x-rayed and found that all the beads stuck together in the form of a bracelet. And some of them joined through the wall of the stomach, because of which ulcers were formed. Doctors removed the beads using an endoscope, the procedure took 15 minutes.

Lee added that the girl was lucky, because the beads did not reach the intestines, otherwise the consequences of the incident could be much more serious. The doctor urged parents not to buy such toys for small children.

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