The influence of the family on the formation of personality


vliyanie vnutrisemeynyh vzaimootnosheniy na formirovanie lichnosti rebenka b


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It is not a secret that the family becomes the main place of education and personal development. What the child will take from his family as a child will be subconsciously stored and remembered throughout his later life. The importance of a family as a place of upbringing is explained by the fact that it is in her that the child develops over a very long time, and this influence on the young person is no match for anything. First of all, it is in the family that the basis for the future character of the child is laid, and even before entering into an active social life, he is already practically formed as a person.

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A family can be both a positive and a negative factor in education. For the most part, it’s positive that the family has the closest people to the child and they love him more than anyone else. But no one else can do the same potential harm to his upbringing. Family is a special team that plays a major role in education. Parental influence is very strong: for example, parents often suppress their children in a single way by their inappropriate behavior, which in turn leads to the development of an inferiority complex in them; without knowing it, the parents form a pattern of behavior similar to their children.

As a result, there is a difficulty in making it so that the positive effect of the influence of the family is stronger than the negative one. First you need to understand that the main thing in raising a child is to achieve mutual understanding, harmony between him and his parents. Parents should not let go of the process of education to the will of fate, even at an older age, leaving him alone with his difficulties. It is in the family that the child begins his development, gets his first experience in life.

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It should be noted that it is important to reinforce with examples everything that we teach the child, so that his theory does not disagree with practice. Of course, each of the parents wants to realize the child in his own way and believes that he knows better than others how to raise him. Often, due to different approaches to parenting, conflicts arise between parents. The priority task for parents should be to reach a compromise in this matter, so that both parties are satisfied and the child does not feel the differences in his upbringing.

It is very important to remember that children listen carefully to what their parents say and remember everything, quickly grasping both the bad and the good. Therefore, it is not necessary, for example, to swear with children.

and most importantly, when parents take any decision in the upbringing of the child, they must first of all rely on how much it will be useful for the child himself, and not on his own benefit or convenience.



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