The maid at the last moment saved the baby from the falling ceiling


The maid at the last moment saved the baby from

A maid saved an infant's life by taking him out of the nursery a few seconds before the ceiling collapsed. The movie happened on the Reddit platform.

Maid tells homeowner she’s some strange noises in nurseryhttps: //t.co/ViJEQMLNNw via @Gfycat pic.twitter.com/4V1P4B0YF5

– Raz (@AFC_Raz) March 26, 2019

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The incident occurred on Sunday, March 24th. In the footage, a woman in a white uniform runs into the nursery and takes the baby in her arms. An unknown person appears on the threshold and holds the door so that the maid with the child can easily leave the room. After a few seconds, the ceiling falls directly on the crib.

Netizens began to argue about the place of the incident. Some have suggested that the earthquake seen around this time in the Philippines was to blame. Others noted that on March 24, an earthquake also passed in Indonesia.

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