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The role of the father during the upbringing of the child is difficult to assess, and there are many misconceptions that many face. The fact is that women believe that they play a key role during upbringing, while men practically do not influence it.

However, this is a serious mistake, because fathers give the child a lot, and what exactly everyone will be able to find out in this article.

Fathers do not consider their children “mi-mishny”

Most mothers constantly sniff with their children and praise them. And it seems that is bad? But, as practice shows, children who constantly hear only good things about themselves are lagging behind in the development of speech. Fathers always talk seriously with their children, so their development is much faster.

Communicating with his father, each child understands that he is a full-fledged person with his own opinion and answer for actions. Therefore, elementary communication “on an equal footing” is important for every child.

Fathers offer active games for children.

Moms try to constantly develop their children and give them new skills. But what about outdoor play, running around and other active activities?

Even tossing a child upward opens up completely new emotions for them. Moms are calmer, but children need a “shake-up” and new emotions, without which they will not be able to do.

At these moments, they will feel happy and will develop many new and useful skills in themselves.

Skills development

It may sound strange, but most women cannot provide useful skills for their children, especially at an early age.

For example, when only a child begins to crawl, his mothers protect him from various injuries and create favorable conditions. Fathers act more radically, because they try to teach their child to move and will not respond to tears and tantrums.

And here everyone should understand that fathers give really useful skills and coordination is formed in the child.

And when he becomes more adult, they will begin to play football or other sports. The child will see that the pope is doing better, so he will try to repeat after him. And let's be honest, most mothers are “awkward,” so they cannot give really interesting skills to their children.

Baby becomes independent

If a child grows up, brought up only by his mother, he has a clear impression that he can not decide anything in life. Does it sound scary?

And so it is, because mothers can constantly prohibit something or begin to impose their own opinion.

If a child hears only him, a picture develops in his head, which cannot be otherwise. Fathers may have an opinion on certain actions or deeds. For example, a mother may prohibit playing, and a father, on the contrary, will support the idea.

The child must understand that in life there are several opinions. And hearing different, in his head and the picture will be formed of how to do the right thing.

And most importantly – many dads do not know the word "I can not." If the child does not succeed, they will explain for a long time or just wait for him to do it. As a rule, strong children grow up only if they understand that nothing is impossible. And only father can give this skill, saying: “Think and do, it will work out.”

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