The template permission to leave the child in Italian

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Easily clip, the template permission to leave the child in Italian and share what you find with family and friends. Easily download and save what you find.

I first posted about this cake back in February 2008, just a few weeks after I started this blog, when my photography skills still justified that “mediocre” adjective in the tag line. The cake was a hit, though, and I think it’s still the one about which I get the most passionate letters from readers. I started a small dessert catering business centered entirely on these wonderful treats. My little business was a hit, and at my peak I found myself baking about 30 batches of them a week. This inspired me to start offering the full-size cake versions to local customers.

The recipe I’m featuring today is the version that I’ve tweaked and revamped over the past couple years. I’ve got this cake down to a science by now and figured out ways to make the process as easy and quick as possible. The round shape with three layers is also a little more versatile as it makes for a perfect birthday cake and can be decorated however you like. Sometimes I use food coloring to dye marzipan, which I then mold into little bouquets of roses or cut into hearts and polka dots that I press into the sides. I even make a version filled with lemon curd and topped with white chocolate ganache, although we’ll leave that for another post.

Because of the brilliant colors, I think this cake would be particularly suited for the Christmas or New Years dessert table. Oh and please don’t think this is just about nostalgia and novelty! This cake really is damn good. Sarabeths or maybe even something fancy and French.