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It is not a rare case to meet a person who never has time for anything and who constantly lack time. Everyone definitely has such an acquaintance, and maybe he himself suffers from something similar. This quality is not innate, but acquired, but it is formed in childhood, when parents lose sight of such an important factor as the fact that children need to be taught to value time. Otherwise, they will grow up into ever-failing adults and, as a result, it will be difficult for them to succeed in life.

It is very important to instill in the child a feeling, a sense of the length of time. This feeling is also not innate, but acquired. For a small child, it is not clear that any of his actions occur in a certain period of time that can be counted. He still does not realize that any action, whether it is the way from the house to the store or food intake, can measure their length in time. And that is what needs to be explained to him.

It is unreasonable to scold a child for absent-mindedness, incompleteness, and for the fact that he delays everything when he is going, if you have not taught him to appreciate time yet. When you start teaching him this, he will become more concentrated, attentive and collected, and also his independence will develop.

It is necessary to begin with the fact that it is required to provide the child with an opportunity to at least partially control his time. Most often his parents control him, it is they who decide when and how much time he walks, when to eat and what time to go to bed. And if this is so well controlled, then the child simply does not have the need to do it himself and, as a result, does not develop a sense of time and its value. He simply has no opportunity to try to do it himself and the task of the parents is to provide this opportunity to him. It is also impossible to allow a situation of absolute lack of control by the parents. Some simply do not follow the child in this aspect, he gets up, goes to bed and eats whenever he wants, while there is no regime and he is simply lost in time.

Also, when explaining to a child that everything has its length in time, it should be borne in mind that in children this perception is a bit distorted. It is no secret to anyone that how quickly time goes for us is connected with the emotional state. As the saying goes, "happy hours are not watching." This happens to people at any age, but children are more emotional and tend to analyze everything based on their feelings. Therefore, it seems to them that during a game that fascinated them five minutes had passed, and during a boring lesson it seemed like hours had passed.



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