Theatrical activity in the development of children of preschool age

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Light Lab is a community arts organisation running projects across Scotland, set up by Edinburgh artist Kenny Bean. It provides a range of arts events to community groups theatrical activity in the development of children of preschool age video projection and photography to increase people’s skills, encourage their creative potential and boost confidence and self-esteem.

Light Lab works with over 1,000 young people each year, through a series of workshop-based projects and arts events. Examples of projects that require sponsorship Lightspaces – a ten-day project allowing groups to create their own three-screen projection space to express their cultural identity. PAPER CIC, a not-for-profit social enterprise limited by guarantee, is based in the beating heart of Bristol’s city centre. At PAPER we use ‘Professional Advice, Practical Education and Recognition’ as tools to engaging people in self-development through the arts. For ten years, The Campaign for Drawing has shown that drawing encourages creativity, improves communication and changes perception. Drawing – its influence and products – surrounds us every day.

The design of your chair, the cartoon in your daily newspaper, a child’s image of home, all start with someone making marks, all start with drawing. Association with a successful campaign demonstrating clear values of quality, innovation and collaboration. Positive international, national and regional media coverage. Acknowledgement on relevant print and digital literature. Quality partnerships with over 1,400 teachers and 12,000 cultural practitioners.

Directly reaching 250,000 people across the UK, and indirectly a further three million. Forging positive relationships with local communities. Working with disadvantaged people to support their learning. Opportunities for staff involvement and volunteering. Bespoke on-site experiences for staff, their families, clients or customers. The ICA programme incorporates all aspects of visual art – design, digital art, photography – as well as theatre, live music, education, networking events, club nights and talks, managing not only to uphold distinctive identities for each genre but also reflecting the multi-disciplinary sensibility which characterises the organisation. Held every two years, the UK Space Conference is the unmissable gathering for the entire UK space community, bringing together the space industry, users of space-based services, entrepreneurs, academia and government.