Things that should not be in the house where the baby grows


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Parents of newborn babies often dream that children grow up and run with their legs. But for one-year-old children to follow have to do no less.

Corners, furniture, stairs, wallpaper, floors. Any trifle in the interior can be a bait for a baby or conceal danger. What is better to give up while the child is growing up?

What baby will refuse to paint on wallpaper? Particularly attractive is the bright canvas with a minimum of pattern. Take a pen or paint and start to create! No pencils and other writing subjects? Then you can use toothpaste or mom's jam.

The same fate can comprehend and light furniture without covers. If you are seriously afraid for your renovation and the perfect interior, after the birth of the long-awaited crumbs, update the furniture and walls in accordance with the situation. Of course, you can draw on a color canvas, but the pictures of the young artist will not be so conspicuous.

No wonder that in the houses where the children live, all the shelves and cabinets are tightly closed, and the door handles for safety are wrapped with a rope or rubber band. All this is done only to ensure that the baby did not climb there and did not shake up all things. All open shelves declare a categorical ban. And do not think that the height will save something.

On the contrary, the child will certainly want to get to the only open shelf and get an attractive item from it. We will have to abandon the glass doors, windows and mirrors from the ceiling to the floor. Not only will all these tender surfaces sooner or later turn out to be spattered with baby hands, they will also create a real threat to the baby himself.

Glass or a mirror can break at any second. Urgently need to get rid of all this splendor.

If your home does not do without stairs, then take care of high-quality railings and comfortable steps. Children stumble so easily, shoving their heads and hands between balusters. On the safety of the child will have to think constantly. Problems can create rapids and podiums on the floor. It is better to refuse such a design decision until the baby is older.

Floor covering should also be chosen according to circumstances. Beautiful tile on the floor so pleases the eye of an adult. But the toddler will constantly slide and fall, crawl and sit on a cold surface, as well as constantly throwing things on a smooth floor and often break them. Solid parquet or laminate can also soon turn into a not very neat coating.

Children just love to crawl mechanical toys on the floor, roll and carry pieces of furniture, scratch and tear down everything.

Finally, for the time being, you should abandon various kinds of antiques and transport all valuable items to any other house. Children and old precious things should not occur. Good luck!

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