Things to do with your child during the summer holidays: top 10 ideas


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In the summer, children begin a period of long-awaited rest.

But the parents immediately have a question: how to properly manage the children's free time in order to extract maximum benefit?

Here are the top 10 best ideas:

Swimming. If the child suddenly still does not know how to swim, then the best time has come for learning this art. Swimming is well reflected in the state of the spine and expands the chest. Even if you did not manage to go to the sea, a river or a lake would be perfect.

Study Try not to stick too much with the fulfillment of your vacation plan: this way you can cause aversion to learning. Take a walk to nature or go hiking: get information naturally. This way children much more interesting.

Present. Please the child with what he has long wanted: a set of crayons for drawing, a puppy or a scooter. Summer is a great time to learn new skills (hobbies) or gain a sense of responsibility (caring for a pet).

Family. Be sure to take the children to grandparents: everyone will be happy. When a child is busy studying and electives, he has no time left to visit everyone he loves. Such communication with the older generation for the development of children is extremely useful.

Discipline. In the summer you can teach children to be independent, organized and disciplined. Make a list of tasks that must be done to your return from work and do not forget to praise him.

Painting. If you believe psychologists, then drawing helps children not only better understand the world around them, but also more subtly respond to beauty. Let him draw everything that comes into his field of vision.

Reading. With the help of books, the inner world of a child can be revealed, vocabulary and psychological literacy are developing. In addition, both imagination and creative potential begin to work more actively. In the summer, you can just quietly surrender to this occupation, without haste.

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