Tigran Keosayan will be the father for the fifth time


Tigran Keosayan will be the father for the fifth time


53-year-old Tigran Keosayan and 38-year-old Margarita Simonyan are waiting for the birth of their third common child. About this director's wife personally told the network. The day before, she announced that in the coming months she plans to significantly reduce the amount of work related to pregnancy:

In the next many months I have been prescribed peace and quiet, God's grace. Therefore, I sharply reduce activity in political social networks – I will read less and, especially, write.

Margarita has already announced her upcoming addition to her two children: 5-year-old Mariana and 4-year-old Bagrat. Both children responded to the news with great enthusiasm. Simonyan told the comic reaction of the children. “I want it to be a sister. But if a brother is born, I will not be upset either. I’ll only be upset if a dinosaur is born, ”Margherita quoted the daughter. “And I will be glad if a dinosaur is born!” Said Bagrat enthusiastically.

Recall that in Keosayan, in addition to two children from Simonyan, there are also two daughters from his first marriage with Alena Khmelnytsky: 8-year-old Xenia and 24-year-old Alexandra. Despite the divorce, the director and actress are friends of families.

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