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Any person in his life experienced a shy attack more than once, could not do something or say what he wanted. And this is a completely natural and normal state, if it manifests itself only very rarely. But it happens that timidity goes beyond all bounds and a person begins to be afraid of everything. Most often this begins to manifest itself in childhood and it will be better in childhood to immediately deal with this problem, so that, as a result, an insecure, grown-up adult does not grow up.

To deal with the problem, you first need to find out the cause of its occurrence. Of course, each child needs an individual approach and the specific reasons are different for everyone, but almost all of them can be systematized into two main groups of reasons for which such a feeling as timidity arises.

The first is the impact of some external factors: a threat or danger. In this case, the fact that the child becomes timid – it is even good, the self-preservation instinct works, without which the person would immediately die. Fears can be cited as an example: be afraid to swim far away, drive fast, stand near a cliff. All this is quite normal. If these fears do not turn into phobias, then it is even useful, because they protect against various troubles. Therefore, it is not necessary to fight with such a manifestation of timidity; a child from childhood must learn to feel a certain border of what is permitted, and fear in this case is the most obvious assistant.

The second is an internal reason, it’s already a matter of the child itself, or rather of his insecurity in himself. Most often, this timidity is manifested in the interaction with other people, in contrast to the first reason, where the interaction occurs mainly with objects or dangerous situations. In this case, we are no longer talking about some instinct of self-preservation, here the fear of communication and because of this lack of opportunity to move forward. The root cause is self-doubt, which arises as a result of improper self-esteem (in this case, underestimated), and it is formed from early childhood. And if you don’t need to fight the first reason, then you just need to take some action to help the child.

If you find out that your child is timid in communication, you should not immediately try to introduce him to some companies yourself. First you can help him with the help of the environment. Any person feels much more confident when he is in his house, so you can organize a children's party at home. It is necessary to constantly praise the child and support him in all endeavors.



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