Tips for parents of naughty children


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Parents are the most important profession in the world that no institution can teach.

If your child is naughty and naughty, these tips will help you.

1. Praise for good

It often happens that parents are accountable for misdemeanors, but they pay little attention to that if the kid has done something good. The child may decide that for your attention he needs to do only something bad. But do not overdo it: praise should be deserved.

2. Do not order

It is always better to make a request that sounds constructive than an order, which may well cause a feeling of protest.

3. Play by the rules

If you teach a child to do certain things, be it tidying up or washing dishes, then you shouldn’t do it for him. If you instill discipline – be consistent.

4. Respect feelings

Try to look at the world more often with the eyes of a child in order not to hurt his feelings. This will save you from scandals and clarify the relationship in the future.

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