Top 5 common phrases that destroy children's psyche


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Psychologists say that some quite ordinary phrases can have a destructive effect on the psyche of a child.

What should not tell your children:

1. "Why did you even give birth?" One of the most destructive phrases that a person can hear. The child may think that he only hinders you and is a burden, and without him your life would be harmonious and happy. It is after such words that serious complexes begin to arise, from feelings of guilt to suicidal thoughts. Control your speech and your emotions in a fit of quarrel: because such a phrase will never be forgotten. The child, of course, will forgive you, but the psychological problems from this will not disappear anywhere.

2. "You will never look like your brother." Do you think that this way you can motivate a child and direct him to the path of perfection? In fact, there can only be hatred between the closest ones and an inferiority complex. Psychologists generally advise to refrain from comparisons with anyone: the child will begin to love himself less and to doubt his own abilities, which in no way helps him become better.

3. "You can not do anything right." The child will begin to shut himself up and really think that he is not capable of anything. Try to formulate your demands and comments not in such a negative-affirmative form, so as not to turn children against themselves.

4. "Stop crying." A child is a living person with his emotions that he needs to throw out. Negative feelings in their suppression are not the best way reflected not only in mental but also in physical health. If a child just cries – leave him alone or show tenderness to him so that he feels loved, protected and needed. After the children calm down, you can ask them what happened and talk heart to heart.

5. "Get out of sight." Children unwittingly begin to think that they ruin your life with their presence. This is how the feeling of guilt that the child will carry his entire life. Think over other methods of education, which will allow the child to understand what he was wrong.

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