Top 5 Tips for Making the Child Read in the Summer


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How often have you heard the statement that modern children have practically stopped reading?

There is an opinion that computer technologies and gadgets have supplanted children's interest in reading books. However, this is a common misconception. To entice a child to read at any time. The main thing is how you will do it.

There are several ways to help instill in the child a love of reading.

First, understand that this will not happen by force. Therefore, immediately exclude such methods.

Secondly, try to find an incentive.

For each read chapter or book, you can offer the child a kind of reward. The main thing is that it is not monetary. It may be something related to hobbies (computer or board game, collection figurine, a set of pencils, etc.).

Choose the right cover

If you offer a child a book from the Soviet library, with yellowed pages and faded illustrations, then most likely it will not cause him much interest.

Modern book publications meet all the requirements of modern children. Therefore, it will be better if you look in the bookstore with your child and pick up a bright attractive book.

Try reading a book in nature

The best place to read is nature.

You can go to the country or just go for a long walk to the park.

Change the format

If the paper edition of the child does not like the soul, then you can invite him to read the book on the tablet or using an electronic book.

Perhaps this format will be closer to him.

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